Darfeel fishing club

Gift yourself and your family an unforgettable adventure on the beaches of Fujairah!

Darfeel fishing club

Gift yourself and your family an unforgettable adventure on the beaches of Fujairah!

Darfeel fishing club

Gift yourself and your family an unforgettable adventure on the beaches of Fujairah!

About us

Many tourists are fascinated deep sea fishing in the UAE and the underwater world of Fujairah. Someone scuba dives under the water, while others, like us, go out on a boat on the high seas, oceans away from the coast, to completely surrender to the unforgettable deep sea fishing in the Gulf.

Vladimir Ivanchenko

the owner, skipper.

Alexander Ivanchenko

manager, skipper.

Natalya Ivanchenko

manager, designer.

Deep sea fishing in the UAE

Coming to the United Arab Emirates we are immersed in a beautiful and wonderful world of Arab tales. Luxury hotels and high level of service the UAE, clean and well-kept parks and beaches of Fujairah, unique flavors of local cuisine and the sound of the eastern market. Most seeks here, the Emirates, soak up the white beaches lapped by the warm waters of the Persian Gulf. Many tourists are fascinated deep sea fishing in the UAE and the underwater world of Fujairah. Someone scuba dives under the water, while others, like us, go out on a boat on the high seas, oceans away from the coast, to completely surrender to the unforgettable deep sea fishing in the Gulf.

After all, what fishing in the Emirates on the ocean

- freedom, game, art, sports, socializing and even the meaning of life! But the most important deep-sea fishing in the UAE - it`s always an adventure! Fishing club Darfeel one of the best fishing clubs Fujairah, located on the coast of the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman, the United Arab Emirates. Our modern catamarans are able to develop a high speed, and equipped for fishing in the United Arab Emirates on the ocean, in all weather conditions Arab Emirates. All equipment is only the leading brands and individual approach to each client. No matter you are an experienced angler or a first time holding the fishing rod, fishing in Fujairah will be successful and not zabyvaemo. After all, we know places where you are guaranteed to catch a real trophy fish. Everything that we offer is tested on their own experience. And our clients always receive exactly the fishing in the United Arab Emirates, of which they dreamed.


Darfeel fishing club offers several types of fishing including sport fishing in the Emirates on the ocean for fishermen to choose different levels from beginners to professional athletes anglers.

  • Blue or blue Marlin

    Blue or blue Marlin, is one of the largest bony fish known to science, having an elongated upper jaw in the form of peaks. In the Latin name Makaira nigricans ,the first word comes from machaera, which means "sword". And indeed, this long sword or spear, very strong, sharp and round in diameter is used in hunting, as well as serves to cut the water when moving, increasing its speed characteristics (up to 95 km/h).Marlins are predators that feed in surface waters and are able to migrate far away in a short period of time in search of food. Blue Marlin is a gambler. Its prey is mainly small tuna and squid. It is also complemented by other marine animals such as lobsters, crabs and sea turtles. Many professional hunters have repeatedly noted the fact that, even without being hungry, blue Marlin attacks his prey just for the process of hunting. Therefore, if next to the boat suddenly appears Marlin, he in most cases attacks the proposed bait.Its habitat is not tied to the coast. Marlin are found both in the shelf zone of continents and Islands, and in the open ocean thousands of kilometers from the shore.

  • Sailfish

    The sailfish is one of the fastest in the ocean. It can reach speeds of up to 100 km/h due to the unusual structure of its body. The main feature of the fish is the huge first dorsal fin, thanks to which the sailboat got its name. The bright blue fin with small dark dots reminded the sailors who saw it for the first time, the unfolded sail. The sailboat belongs to the group of perch-like and is a predator. It feeds on small fish-mackerel, anchovies, sardines. Does not disdain crustaceans and mollusks. Young growth already by the year of life grows up to 2 m in length, and adult individuals at weight in 100 kg – to 3,5 m. speed of movement fluctuates from 100 to 109 km/h.

  • Tuna

    Tuna is a fish with a torpedo-like body that is ideal for constant movement. And these fish are moving constantly, not stopping for a minute. The energy that tuna consumes when swimming has made its blood a few degrees above the temperature of the surrounding water.Tuna travels in large flocks in search of food cover great distances, moving with a speed of 77 km/h. tuna Fishing is a major inhabitant of the seas and oceans is an exciting activity that can give many unforgettable moments as experienced fishermen, fishermen-fans. Many of them completely underestimate sea fishing for nothing. At the same time, those fishermen who at least once went to tuna and returned with trophy prey, are unlikely to refuse to experience again this storm of exciting emotions. This is a very venturous and spectacular fishing where you need to go to all the fishermen.

  • Barracuda

    All Barracuda living now sea and ocean waters are predators which depending on the specific features have some external differences. Their appearance all barracudas resemble bloodthirsty and dangerous predators-river pike. It is for this reason that Barracuda has earned its second name – "sea pike". A distinctive feature of Barracuda is the presence of a powerful and well-developed, quite massive and large lower jaw, which strongly protrudes beyond the upper jaw. A number of small and rather sharp teeth are located on the outside of the jaw, and inside there are quite large and strong teeth. To date, the maximum recorded size of a marine predator is considered to be 2.05 meters with a weight of 50 kg.

  • Big Ponce

    Big Ponce is a beautiful predatory fish, enjoying great popularity. No wonder it has a few memorable names Mahi-Mahi (means strong), fish-Dolphin, lampila, Golden mackerel, Dorado. Dorado lives in the Indian, Atlantic, Pacific oceans, also found in the Mediterranean sea. Ponce likes to hide in large algae under the rafts and vessels and other floating objects. Love to accompany sailing ships, and previously used by sailors eating all of their journey.The fish is large in size, can reach 2 meters in length,but on average its size is 1-1.5 meters with a weight of 30-40 kilograms. The body of the dolphinfish stretched and squeezed at the sides. The dorsal fin is long, consisting of many rays starting on the head. Fish grows very quickly. Fish head is rounded, and disproportionate. The predator has many small sharp teeth, which are located even on the tongue. Because of its color, Ponce is one of the beautiful fish. Its scales shimmer in various shades of gold, blue, green.Ponce conducts an active way of life of a predator is one of the most vystropova inhabitants of the seas. It feeds on fish, squid, crabs, even zooplankton. Favorite prey of Dorado is a flying fish.

  • Queenfish or "Queenie"

    Queenfish or "Queenie" - fish, known in many countries (Australia, California, Thailand, etc.). Almost nothing is known about the breeding, migration and biology of Queen fish. Queenfish is a long and extremely compressed body from the sides. Its typical colouring is usually dark green at the top of the back and silvery with silvery white shades on the sides and belly, sometimes with a yellowish tint. Most Queen fish caught by anglers can weigh between 0.8 and 8 kg. Rare specimens weigh up to 10 or even 12 kg, and very rarely giants of 15 kg or a little more.This fish is easily caught, both on live bait and on the dead dead, as well as bait from flies, shrimp or squid. With lures, the emphasis should be on movement and speed that will excite the fish. This fish has white meat with excellent taste, although a little dryish.

  • Pelamida "Bonito"

    Pelamida (Bonito) – fish-predator. Its usual menu consists of anchovy and sardine, mackerel, horse mackerel and other not too big inhabitants of the waters. By the way, pelamida is a phenomenally voracious fish. In the esophagus of any caught individuals is quite possible to find sometimes up to 70 anchovies or other food. Usually this fish grows up to half a meter (or a little more), an adult can weigh up to 4 kg.Although sometimes there are instances up to 85 cm and weighing up to 7 kg. Pelamide – a fish, famous for its excellent taste. By late autumn, individuals of this species usually accumulate a lot of fat (more than 10% of its own weight), and why pelamide meat is soft and fat. Traditionally, the recipes, the fish will be conserved, Smoking. In the world cuisine especially quoted Chilean pelamida-fish with a pleasant, slightly sweet meat, which has a slightly specific taste. However, you should know that if you want a qualified cook, you can always protect yourself from it by various culinary methods.

  • Rainbow runner

    It lives in all tropical and warm waters, where the temperature is 21-30 degrees Celsius. Meet in the bazaars, the piles of stones in the society's fish-pilot, accompanying the shark. Very rarely lives in shallow water, mainly in open waters. Mostly leads a solitary lifestyle, but can hunt in packs.Its bright color is very different from other fish species. Its bright horizontal lines of blue, green and yellow alternate with each other. The back is silvery-green, the belly is silvery, the fins are greenish to olive-yellow. Tail olive shade.World record according to IGFA: rainbow runner-17 kg. Grows up to 120 cm (usually 80-90 cm). It feeds on schooling fish and benthic invertebrates.

  • Sargan fish

    Sargan fish, a photo of which in itself looks quite exotic, is an amazing inhabitant of the seas. The jaws are elongated so that they resemble a bird's beak. And since her mouth is full of small and sharp teeth, many fishermen compare Sargan with the famous armor pike and even with pterodactyl. It is very reminiscent of his jaw, beak of extinct lizard. His body is elongated, like a fish-needle. A characteristic feature of the Gar is its green dice. And even the broth, cooked from this fish, acquires a pistachio hue. Many people think that it is-because of the high content of phosphorus in the body. Idle tongues chatter like a Sargan even glows in the dark. But the amazing property of the fish is not phosphorus, and biliverdin-a special pigment of bile, which stains the bones and internal organs in green. There is Sargan absolutely harmless. Moreover: this fish is very tasty.


Minimum order 5 hour each subsequent hour Number of people
Weekdays 2400 dirhams +300 dirhams 2 crew members and up to 6 clients
Fly fishing 2300 dirhams +200 dirhams 2 crew members and up to 2 clients

Our boats

Makulu и C’est La Vie- this modern catamaran fast and reliable. Equipped with modern equipment for the detection of large concentrations of fish, as well as a global positioning system GPS.

Features catamarans allow different types of fishing in the United Arab Emirates on the ocean (trolling, bottomfishing, fly fishing and casting) in all weather conditions, away from the coast, in the deep sea, where the depth is more than 100 meters.

Each of our catamaran equipped by all necessary and can carry eight people(two crew members and up to 6 clients).

All the necessary equipment for your chosen fishing in Fujairah UAE, we supply in accordance with the request of the customer.

For our customers on board are refreshing non-alcoholic beverages and snacks.